Days 6-10: 30...

Day 6: Draw your favorite book character.  I chose Santiago from Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist. Day 7: Draw your favorite word.  This was very difficult.  Contenders included shitbag, asshole and delicious Day 8: Draw your favorite animated character.  This was fairly simple because my favorite cartoon has always been The Smurfs. Day 9: Draw your [&hellip

Day 3: 30...

Today I’m charged with drawing my favorite food.  This is a difficult one because food is delicious.  Delicious foods like cupcakes and donuts and pizza and Mexican food are the reason why I’m so incredibly fit, if fit means not fit at all.  But, since I had to make choices, I thought long and hard [&hellip

New Hobby

I have a new hobby.  It’s called Drinkin’. A few days ago I was sitting at work and I had a craving for booze.  This is notable because I don’t usually drink unless Janie is diagnosed with a horrible disease or our friend Carrie updates her Facebook status with another cryptic message about feelings. When [&hellip

Sound Bites

Several weeks back, I got a really nice email from Emily at Sound Bites, a company that makes hummus and chimichurri, and she suggested I come down to our local farmer’s market to check out their products.  Well, I love hummus and I had never tried chimichurri before but thought it sounded familiar.  Then I [&hellip

Oprah’s 21 Day...

I am happy to report that, today, I have no headaches, no stomach aches and no burning desire to just die, already! Last week I may have overdosed on Excedrin Migraine and Ibuprofin in my repeated attempts to douse that burning, aching horror show in my head. I developed a wicked stomach ache that felt [&hellip

It’s a Sickness

When I was growing up, my dad was the one who made most of our meals and did the grocery shopping and since I spent a lot of time with him I learned many things about proper produce selection and cooking. My sister and mom had a closer relationship back then, than my mom and [&hellip

Oprah’s 21 Day...

I am so thirsty. I’m thinking of taking all my nutrition in liquid form. My coworker told me that she tried a 21 day cleanse for which there was no chewing allowed. Everything was pureed or some sort of juice or broth. At this point, my thirst is leading me to the delusional belief that [&hellip

Oprah’s 21 Day...

There is such a thing as too many cherries. Make a note of that

Like A Ray...

Bake and Shake wrote about pancakes as the ultimate in hospitality which sparked in me a small fire, or a flame, maybe just an ember. Or something. I hate pancakes. When I was young, we’d often spend weekends at my great aunt’s house and every morning she’s spend her hard earned retirement hours making us [&hellip

Salt Lick Bars

A little over a year ago, Bake and Shake shared her recipe for Salt Lick Bars and I have been eying them ever since. I finally made them last night for my book club and they are quite delicious. The caramel was soft and silky, the best I’ve ever had. Since the bottom had shortbread, [&hellip