Overheard at Bauhaus eavesdropping

Linsey: when is date night? Kim: Friday L: plan? K: picnic at lincoln park L: PICNIC so romantic K: i’m providing food. she’s providing the picnic basket and blanket                                   L: PICNICS ARE FOR DATES K:  yes, well, this [&hellip

Day 11: 30... holding+pencil

Today’s challenge is to draw a turning point in your life.  This was easy because it changed everything – the life I had, the thoughts I had, ideas about life and love, my mental state, my emotional state, friends and family etc. I told Janie I was leaving her in May of 2010.  I had [&hellip

Days 6-10: 30... holding+pencil

Day 6: Draw your favorite book character.  I chose Santiago from Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist. Day 7: Draw your favorite word.  This was very difficult.  Contenders included shitbag, asshole and delicious Day 8: Draw your favorite animated character.  This was fairly simple because my favorite cartoon has always been The Smurfs. Day 9: Draw your [&hellip

Day 5: 30... holding+pencil

Today’s challenge was to draw your best friend. Leah and I met via this website and last night it dawned on me that we have been friends now for 7 years. Leah is, easily, one of the very best people I know. She’s wise and kind and hilarious and creative and incredibly intuitive. I trust [&hellip

Day 4: 30... holding+pencil

Today I drew my favorite place.  Years ago, Janie took me to the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island and I quickly fell in love with it.  It’s a large public garden with a meadow, reflection pond buzzing with dragonflies,  moss forest, tea house and zen garden, etc.  It’s the most beautiful and lush place I’ve ever [&hellip

Day 3: 30... holding+pencil

Today I’m charged with drawing my favorite food.  This is a difficult one because food is delicious.  Delicious foods like cupcakes and donuts and pizza and Mexican food are the reason why I’m so incredibly fit, if fit means not fit at all.  But, since I had to make choices, I thought long and hard [&hellip

Day 2: 30... holding+pencil

Day two of the 20 Day Drawing Challenge is to draw your favorite animal. I have many “favorites.” I love elephants, penguins, hedgehogs and Celine Dion. They all tickle my heart in their own special ways. None, however, can match up to the best animal I have ever known to exist, and that animal is, [&hellip

30 Day Drawing... holding+pencil

  I decided to undertake something new.  I’m going to take on this 30 Day Drawing Challenge and post the product of my artistic prowess here each day for the next 30 days.  I’ve never been good at drawing so this should be really awful, but also pretty fun. So, day 1 is to draw [&hellip