It’s day one of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and I’m trying to use it as a tool to dedicate myself to writing again.  Writing has always been how I express myself, work out the toughness inside of me, settle some confusion and look deeper inside to pull out answers I’m seeking.  I’ve made so [&hellip

Day 11: 30...

Today’s challenge is to draw a turning point in your life.  This was easy because it changed everything – the life I had, the thoughts I had, ideas about life and love, my mental state, my emotional state, friends and family etc. I told Janie I was leaving her in May of 2010.  I had [&hellip


We listed the condo Friday before last and in the couple weeks leading up to that moment, there was much to do.  SO MUCH TO DO.  There was painting, packing, painting, staging, painting, cleaning, painting, sighing – a lot of sighing – and then MORE PAINTING.  This was not unlike the last time we put [&hellip

Moving On

I have divorce on the brain. On the 24th, Janie and I had a court date to finalize the dissolution of our partnership.  Three months ago I finally got around to filing the papers to get this process rolling, postponing the inevitable out of laziness or disinterest, and I am proud to say that we [&hellip

Day One

It’s been so long since I’ve sat in front of the computer really trying to write.  It feels almost like I’ve forgotten how this works…what my creative process looks like.  It’s going to take me a while to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing here now.  Ever the impatient one, I’m already frustrated [&hellip


Here I am! Were you worried I was dead because it’s been a month since I’ve posted? No? Well, then fuck you. You should have been HYSTERICAL like I was a few weeks ago when my sister stopped answering her cell phone for 45 minutes and I was convinced she was dead or kidnapped or [&hellip

Leah (Part I)

Leah was one of the very first people to happen upon this little website outside of my family and friends.  She has always been my biggest fan, even more than Janie ever was and IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY WE ARE DIVORCED THEN THERE IS A GOOD ONE OF THE MANY REASONS (Janie would [&hellip


A while back I started a blog on Tumblr, where mostly people put pictures and quotes and videos and reblog the shit out of one another, so I don’t really know how I have ever managed to find something new but there we have it.  The beauty of the Internet.  Some crazy asshole is always [&hellip

So Long, Old...

My good friend Carrie deleted her Facebook account today which is momentous because SHE IS AWESOME at Facebook and together with Janie, the three of us rock the shit out of it with our hot dialogues.  She decided she needed to focus on school and life for a while so she deleted her account and [&hellip


Yoyoyo, peoples. Happy New Year! I’ve got something in the works as a sort of “2010 wrap-up/things were unpleasant and I went crazy” and a “looking forward to 2011/I am retarded with potential” post that will explode your computer with all the thoughts and ideas and feelings. It’ll be better than it sounds. Maybe. I [&hellip