Days 6-10: 30...

Day 6: Draw your favorite book character.  I chose Santiago from Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist. Day 7: Draw your favorite word.  This was very difficult.  Contenders included shitbag, asshole and delicious Day 8: Draw your favorite animated character.  This was fairly simple because my favorite cartoon has always been The Smurfs. Day 9: Draw your [&hellip

Elephant Girl

I’m delinquent in this mention.  I’m delinquent in most things these days but that’s another story.  This isn’t about me. Back in August, I purchased the e-book of my friend Jane Devin – a memoir titled Elephant Girl. I was introduced to Jane’s blog by a friend and easily became entranced by the way she [&hellip


So, I’m reading this really good book that Janie wishes I’d stop talking about because, OH MY GOD, not that fucking fruit book again you asshole! Seriously. So, this book I can’t shut up about (which I  mentioned several weeks ago) is about fruit.  Mostly about ultra-exotic fruits and the people who hunt them.  That’s [&hellip


Do you know how much it costs to have RotoRooter come to your house on a Monday night to spend 20 minutes snaking your sink?  $266 American dollar bills. Pipes and plumbing and water are so dumb. Why can’t we go back to a simpler time when people would get their water from a well [&hellip

Infinite Jerk

Several years ago, way back when I was in college for the first time, a class of mine went to participate in a round table discussion with David Foster Wallace. He was spending some time on campus terrorizing young writers with his particular brand of arrogance and whatever else. I know he’s dead, but even [&hellip


I’m a day late, but I couldn’t go without mentioning that yesterday was National Librarian Day. Seeing as how my lovely wife has her degree in Information Science, I feel incredibly disappointed in myself for spending yesterday sleeping rather than preparing celebratory library-themed games and snacks. In honor of that day, and of librarians across [&hellip

Natural Harvest

Every once and again comes a product that, upon first glance, I imagine is a joke and then it turns out to be quite real. This is one of those moments. When I look at the cover of this book, I can’t help but think about how much Janie loves flan. Not this flan, though. [&hellip

In my defense,...

Last week, Janie’s grandmother died.  It wasn’t altogether unexpected, but really sad nonetheless.  Janie was her only grandchild and they shared a very special bond.  In the last years, as her memory steadily declined, she moved to a beautiful home in Oregon where she was cared for around the clock by a family.  Janie and [&hellip

Spirit Animal

I’ve been reading The Golden Compass, the first in Philip Pullman’s trilogy called His Dark Materials.  If I wrote a trilogy I’d call it Her Mad Shit.  Anyhow, if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book and if you don’t know the plot, it revolves around a girl called Lyra in a universe [&hellip


(click on the image for a dramatic reading) (Thanks Monica) Also, just for fun, you should check this out: Breakup Letter, A Dramatic Reading