Welcome (Back)!

I’ve been struggling for quite some time now with what exactly to do with uncouthheathen.com and for a while I was almost certainly going to delete it.  I can’t really give a solid explanation of why, but I’ve had this nagging feeling that I needed some sort of separation from the past in order to [&hellip

Coming Up

After discussing the future of uncouth heathen with several people, I’ve decided to keep going.  I’ve always loved having this place to write and get to know some of the people who come here to read what I have to say.  How can I abandon something that led me to my best friend and several [&hellip


It’s been quite some time since I’ve written and there are several reasons.  One is that I’ve had a hard time really knowing what to write.  So many things have changed that it’s hard to even know how to incorporate all of that into this space.  As much as my life has changed in the [&hellip

Spring Cleaning

I have 53 unfinished posts in my drafts folder and some of them I will delete entirely.  A few are included below, not because they’re all that good, but because they’re long enough that it’s obvious I spent a significant amount of time on them and I’m not one to just throw that away.  So [&hellip

Where is Linsey?

PLUS EQUALS Posting will resume tomorrow.  Happy 2010 to everyone.  2009 was a real bullshit, but I have a good feeling about 2010.  We’re gonna really work it this year, friends

Welcome to NaBloPoMo...

Well, another year, another month of daily posts this November.  I’ll do my very best to keep it entertaining and not resort to posting recaps of the episode of Xena: Warrior Princess we watched most recently (yesterday, Gabrielle was kidnapped and a cult tried to get her to spill her blood innocence.  Xena had to [&hellip


I’ve successfully upgraded WordPress yet again and I only managed to delete half of something I shouldn’t have. BACKUP, PEOPLE! Always back your shit up. Let this be a lesson for us all. I’ve been working diligently on the site redesign and it looks like I might have it pretty much ready by the time [&hellip

It’s That Time...

Hey friends, It is time again for me to update to the newest version of WordPress, which will involve moving some files around and possibly fucking everything up if I make a mistake.  So in the next few days you may see some things, or you may see nothing at all, not even this post [&hellip


I’m taking a quick break for a family emergency. Back at it in the coming days

Upgrading to WordPress...

I’m doing an upgrade of the blogging platform for this website.  I’ve been pretty lucky in the past when it comes to avoiding upgrade problems, but you never quite know.  So I’m posting a little note to let you know that if the shit goes down and everything disappears, I’ll be back, somehow, someway, some [&hellip