Janie and I broke down and brought the old desk out of storage to set up in her bedroom so I could use the desktop computer to finish our taxes and fuck around with Photoshop, etc.  I had forgotten how much I missed having that whole set-up.  There’s just something about being able to saddle up to a desk to write or work.  It makes me about 100 times more productive.  Janie said it just felt good to have it back and I think, in part, it just feels a bit like what we’ve known as “normal.”  When we put this place up for sale the last time, we took pretty much everything away but the bare minimum in furniture, so it didn’t feel like it was our home anymore.  After we took it off the market we slowly brought more of our own stuff back around to, you know, live.  We just got some pretty awful news about the prospect of selling this place any time soon unless we want to owe a good $20K when all is said and done, so maybe bringing the desk up was just another way to ease the frustration, and an attempt to make this place vaguely livable until we decide whether one or both of us will move and we deal with renting this place out.  Nothing is ever easy anymore.

In light of that crap news and some other bullshit I’m dealing with, I decided I needed to do something to lighten the mood.  Inject a little levity into my life.  So I did what anyone who is awesome would do, I built a fort in the living room out of blankets, pillows and a queen-sized blow-up mattress.  I decorated it with Christmas tree lights and not only did it make it look awesome, but it smells like Christmas and who doesn’t love the way Christmas smells!?  If you don’t, then you’re dead to me.

Not only did I build this amazing little fort between the bookshelf and the dining room table, but I also hung out in it and slept in it and as I type this I am sitting in it and I’m listening to No Doubt and thinking thoughts and trying not to worry so much about everything.  It’s sort of working except everyone else thinks this is their fort, too and FUCK THAT SHIT.

I’m going to keep this up until the end of the week and I’ll spend all my free time in here reading and writing and meditating and trying to do these things called LETTING GO and GOING WITH THE FLOW and trying to focus on good stuff that needs my attention and leaving behind crappy stuff that doesn’t.

Here are photos of my fort.  You should be jealous because it’s fucking awesome and it smells like the baby Jesus.






  1. heathen
    April 7, 2011


    1) In the first photo, that’s a snowman sled decoration on the wall that we put up every year at Christmas and inevitably forget about and don’t take back down until sometime around June.

    2) My notebook writing in photo #2 is a packing list for my up and coming vacation that’s not until two weeks from now. Yes, I am an anal nerd and overpacker and YAY!

    3) Ducati jumped on the roof of the fort after I left for work the next day and tore the whole thing down. Janie notified me via Instant Message with the note “He destroys what he does not understand.” I remade it when I got home – even better.

    4) Gus LOVES it in there and when I come home and let him out of his crate, he jumps on the mattress and digs around and gets all crazy and snorty.

  2. April 9, 2011

    You are brilliant. I’m totally sitting here trying to figure out how I can build my own fort now. You’ve just given me the inspiration for the one thing that might help after the week I’ve had.

  3. April 13, 2011

    So uh, even the forts you build are PERFECT! NO fair!

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