Checking in

Who reads their blog archives at 1am and laughs like a jackass?  That would be me.

I really do have some things to say here, some posts that have been half-written and sit in my drafts file like some orphaned children. I’ll be back for you, my babies, I yell as I pour another cocktail and turn on an episode of Family Guy or Modern Family or Friday Night Lights or Lie to Me or Biggest Loser or the Internet.  You get the picture.  Mama needed a time-out.

I’ve got some stuff going on these days…Mini Medical School, Improv Classes, new friends, old friends, family gatherings and that one hot lady who responds to most of my text messages with question marks and confusion and “sometimes you say weird things”.  What I’m saying is that I’m out here living life so that I can then come back and tell you all about how badly I’m screwing it up (some things never change!).  I do realize we have a ridiculous amount of unfinished business to discuss like ARMAGEDDON: Part III,  what happened to all my feelings , etc.  All good questions, motherfuckers.  ALL VERY GOOD QUESTIONS.  Except there was really only one question but whatever.  WHATEVER.  We’ll get to all of it, slowly but surely. Probably. If I can find the time between drinking, crying all the way home after the trauma of improv classes where I am forced to do things like make an ass of myself ON PURPOSE in front of a group of 20-odd strangers, and planning my East Coast Tour this Spring where I will hang out with some ridiculously important people whom I adore.

While you wait for me to say more words…and I will…say more words…and they will be good ones…please consider the following photo and leave your thoughts in the comments, if you have any.

Rip it up, you fuckers.



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  1. February 22, 2011

    Omg remember when we were going to fix each others’ drafts? Another brilliant idea we had, and another one we forgot about 🙂

    Can’t wait, “some ridiculously important people whom I adore.”

    When you are famous from your words, you’ll look back on that day after improv as a NECESSARY action to catapult you forward. Don’t forget that I’m going to be your manager 🙂


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