(Very) Briefly

This NaBloPoMo is not working out so well in terms of the posting daily, but I have posted more in the last couple weeks than I have in a while and so you have to give me that much, people. YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME THAT.

So, here is one tidbit…

Over there on the sidebar where I post photos every once and again you will see that I have added a photo of my sister and soon to be nephew. He’s in there. I’ve seen the photos! So that’s pretty cool because babies are awesome and I like being an aunt. One day, years from now, maybe I’ll be a mom.  When I cried to my brother and sister over email that I was feeling left out and that it was likely I’d need to go steal a baby so I’d fit in, my brother told me not to worry, that I wasn’t alone and then he sent me this picture of Tila Tequila:

tila tequila shopping 3 280110

It’s really nice to have a family that’s so supportive of me during my darkest hours.