Revised Code of Lady Gay


When Lady Gay A says to Lady Gay B that being a sexpert is difficult because they are always thinking about how to spice things up in the bedroom, Lady Gay A shall not reply sarcastically that it is a good thing Lady Gay B is not a sexpert. In addition, Lady Gay B shall not laugh out loud repeatedly after Lady Gay A expresses her upset and insists that Lady Gay B admit Lady Gay A is a sexual sensation. If Lady Gay B keeps it up, Lady Gay A has the right to take a lover. Just sayin’.


When Lady Gay B clips her scissor toenails, as a courtesy to Lady Gay A and the world as a whole, Lady Gay B should put the clippings directly into the garbage.  The scissor toenails do not belong atop a piece of scrap paper on Lady Gay B’s nightstand, where an unsuspecting and good intentioned Lady Gay A will find them, but only after they have been scattered about the bed and floor in a frenzy of cleaning. Just sayin’.


  1. Janie
    January 14, 2010

    I do what I want… You’re not the boss of me! Just sayin’.

  2. January 15, 2010

    Oh my! Oh dearie, dearie me. That certainly wasn’t very kind of Lady Gay B to leave her nail clippings laying about, nor was it altogether kind to laugh at Lady Gay A’s sexpertise. You both seem like such nice ladies. I do hope you will soon be able to give each other a nice big hug and be friends again. Thank you for allowing me to comment on your nice blog.
    .-= Nice XUP´s last blog ..Cougarology =-.

  3. E's Mom
    January 15, 2010

    It’s one thing to accompany either Lady Gay A or Lady Gay B to the Castle Super Store, but this Straight didn’t really need to know which (if any) of the two is a SEXPERT. Just sayin’.

  4. JD
    January 19, 2010

    Why is it that ever since you changed the design of your home page I have read barely a post, let alone daily like I used to? I’d like to blame it on something like the fact that my toes are quickly disapearing behind the view of my belly but I feel like it’s more the design.

    Can’t pin point what it is, just know I’ve had a lot less uncouth-ness in my life lately.

  5. heathen
    January 21, 2010

    Let me know when you figure it out…I’m open to suggestions on changes. I aim to please!

  6. January 25, 2010

    I read your blog daily up until that point… content quality hasn’t changed. There’s just something about your new layout design that feels tedious to me. Although at this point, going to the bathroom 10 times a day is tedious too!
    .-= JD´s last blog ..Almost Time to Party =-.

  7. heathen
    January 26, 2010

    Okay. I’ve been thinking of making a few changes…some of which are currently over my head, yet so simple. Anyhow…changes to sort of remove some clutter. Simplify, if you will. We’ll see if that helps.

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