Our homeowner woes continue. I’m preparing our bathroom for new paint and vinyl floor tiles. As I pulled out the old vinyl tiling, what should appear? CRACKS! IN THE CEMENT FLOOR! FUCK YOU!

Sometimes I hate this house so much!

Luckily, I’ve been doing some research and repairing the cracks isn’t going to take too long and it’s something I can do myself. I’m going to practice positive thinking and look at this as a learning opportunity and not the total bullshit fucking fuckery that could bring me down. No, no…I’m calm like a warm spring afternoon. Butterflies. Rainbows. Boobs! Wildflowers! Puppies! MORE PUPPIES! KEEP THE PUPPIES COMING!

I did get to use my new sander, and that felt very gratifying…very lesbionic. Power tools are like that.

To soothe my soul, I’m going to sit in bed with my cats and dog and if there’s room, Janie. Then we’re going to watch Xena: Warrior Princess kick the shit out of some evildoers and when I watch with my eyes squinted just so, all those bad guys will look just like those sons of bitches who sold us this condo.

Good day to you.

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  1. December 6, 2009

    It feels like house things happen in waves. We’ve been having zillions of relatively minor things, but a lot of stuff we can’t fix ourselves. Everytime something won’t drain or a handle falls off, it’s like: crap. Again!?!
    .-= Pamela┬┤s last blog .. =-.

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