Gussy wishes you a Merry Christmas!


As I mentioned before, our Christmas card this year was the above photo of Gus.  It is blurry because after three days of attempts at getting everything to work properly, I gave up.  By the end, Janie and I were even more angry than when we put Ikea furniture together and I lose my cool because WHAT IS THAT AND WHERE DOES IT GO?  He’s cute, sure.  Yes, this is cute because dogs in Santa suits and bow ties are just that.  But by this point I was so mad that nothing was going right that I had to stop because Gus was looking like he was going to take up drinking to get past the trauma and I was quite close to tossing my camera with it’s stupid, useless piece of crap flash into the fireplace.  I did at one point throw my tripod across the room and break it.  So that was a wonderful exercise in anger management.  Happy holidays from all of us!  Cherish this photo because I’m never going to do this again.  No, absolutely not.

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  1. E's Mom
    December 22, 2009

    Gussy looks equally as frustrated as you in this pic. Really, it must be hard on a Pikachu to get a quality photographer who won’t lose her shit on him and get the shot right already.

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