Great Interview Experiment

Ho There!

I’m sitting at home, freezing my ass off because it’s 25 degrees outside.  That’s an estimate.  Fuck, dude, it’s chilly.  But it’s also beautiful, which is sad only because I’ve been home sick so far this week with head problems.  BOO.


I participated in the original Great Interview Experiment which was conceived by the great Neil from Citizen of the Month and now we’re on to round two.  The way it works is that you sign up and the person who signed up just before you is the one you will interview and the one just after you will conduct your interview.  I’m waiting on a final response from my interviewee, but in the meantime, I present to you the interview of uncouth heathen as conducted by Corine at Down to Earth Mama.  I’m pretty psyched that she interviewed me because she and I seem to have much in common, after clicking around her site a bit.  So when you’re done, do some further reading to get acquainted.

Down to Earth Mama interviews Linsey from uncouth heathen.