I spent part of my evening shopping for toys online. We’re getting both my nephew and Janie’s 3-year-old cousin gifts and I decided I could find better toys online than any Target or Toys R Us. I wanted something fun and interesting and preferably not poison from China. Sorry China.

As I was browsing, Janie and I found about 20 different toys that we wanted. Most of the pony-related toys were Janie’s favorites. I found myself surprisingly attracted to toys that I played with when I was younger, like the pegs you pound through a wooden board and that plastic barn with farm animals. What I wanted most were those awesome wooden building blocks, the plain colored ones that came in all different shapes. The ones where you  build a giant structure and then your brother comes in and kicks it so hard that it explodes all across the playroom.  Maybe your parents find some pieces embedded in the wall.


I can’t wait until we have kids. I’m going to get them those wood blocks and teach them how to build giant castles. Then when they’re admiring their handiwork, I’m going to kick it down. That’s to teach them about the importance of proper construction.