This weekend I was having a normal conversation with my parents on the way from my nephew’s baptism to a restaurant.  Along the way we got to talking about space and astronauts for some reason I cannot remember.  I think my mom might have asked how astronauts went to the bathroom in space, if they stored it or if it was just sucked out and shot into the universe where it just floats away until it slaps some poor unsuspecting space traveler in the face.  That’s when my dad reminded me that they were working on recycling the urine and making it into drinking water.  And then he said they had tried it with feces, to make little cookies that look like those nutter butters, but it didn’t work.   Apparently, it was not so much a taste issues but an issue of not being able to get all the bacteria out of it. Then I read earlier, while trying to verify these wild claims, that over there in Europe they’re working on this very thing. So, interesting.

Poop cookie anyone?


  1. October 29, 2009

    Geez I’d love some but I’m trying to lose weight. This seems like one kind of cookie I’ll be able to avoid.
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