High In Fiber, Low In Calories

I was writing a post about how Janie, our friend Carrie and I went to the No Doubt concert last night. It was going to be about how they are one of my all-time favorite live acts and then about how one song in to the opening band’s set (The Sounds) I became 60 years old and pulled out the Sunday newspaper and initiated a conversation about Fiber One yogurt.

I was writing all about it, but then I deleted it accidentally because I’m very tired. It took us THREE HOURS to get home after the show and TWO HOURS of that time was spent trying to get out of the PARKING LOT. I probably would have just slept in the car for several hours instead of inching forward minute by minute, but it was a Sunday night and I needed to be at work in the morning and don’t any of you have to work in the morning, too? NOW SCOOT! We got home at about 215am but then the cats peed THREE TIMES outside of the litter box and we had to clean it up and douse it in gasoline and set the house on fire because I give up.

The concert was awesome. Gwen Stefani remains one of the few singers who can actually sing live as well as, if not better than, on the recorded album (I’m looking at you, Katy Perry, you bum!). Also, I met up briefly with someone I haven’t seen since high school, who I have otherwise known since I was six years old. We reconnected on Facebook recently and when Janie kept forgetting who she was in relation to my youth, I had to remind her, “She’s the one who pushed me down the stairs – twice.”


Pretty soon I’m going to tell you all about our Las Vegas trip…but it’s taking me longer to piece it together and not at all because of the football sized-drink made of Everclear and Delicious that we shared that one night at the La Bayou casino where Janie broke the slot machine when she tried to cash out her $11.00 in nickels.

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  1. July 20, 2009

    i love that janie of yours, she’s cute.

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