I’m a day late, but I couldn’t go without mentioning that yesterday was National Librarian Day. Seeing as how my lovely wife has her degree in Information Science, I feel incredibly disappointed in myself for spending yesterday sleeping rather than preparing celebratory library-themed games and snacks.

In honor of that day, and of librarians across the land, let me share some library facts with you (via Wikipedia):

The first two libraries, in ancient Sumer and in Egypt, were repositories for archives, mostly comprised of inventories and commercial transactions.

Private libraries first appeared in Greece in the 5th century BC.

The first Western public libraries were created under the Roman Empire, where readers had access to scrolls in either Greek or Latin.

In China, during the Han Dynasty, they created the first library classification system, written on silk scrolls. Fancy!

Library catalogs were first introduced in medieval Islamic libraries. Books were organized by genre and category.

Ancient libraries employed copiers who spent their days toiling away, hand-copying texts.

In 1876, in the United States, the American Library Association was formed and Melvin Dewey gave us the decimal system.

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Don’t forget to purchase your librarian action figure from Archie McPhee, based on real Seattle librarian and author Nancy Pearl!

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  1. April 22, 2009

    your dedication to the librarians across the land is nothing short of amazing.

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