Overheard in the car

I’m so tired

Me, too.  Maybe we’re tired because we’re both pregnant with Miracle Babies.

Oh yeah?  That wouldn’t be good.

Well, we could only keep one.  So we’d have to subject them to tests of strength and intellectual ability.  I’m pretty sure my Miracle Baby would win.

You think so, huh?

Yeah.  My Miracle Baby would definitely be able to lift more weights and run faster than your Miracle Baby.  Your Miracle Baby would be more like a regular baby.  Maybe your Miracle Baby isn’t actually a Miracle Baby.  Maybe yours is just luck.  Like maybe you were walking and a single sperm was wafting through the air and it got caught in your pants and now you’re having a baby.

I hate working at the library!  You can catch almost anything there.

So yours might not be a Miracle Baby and we can give it away.  It’s just a floating-library-sperm-by-chance baby.

Gus, she thinks I’m still listening to her, but I stopped listening a long time ago.

OR! Or we could keep them both, sell their Miracle Baby stories to Hollywood and they’ll make a TV show out of it.  MiracleMiracleMiracle BABIES!

Okay, we’re done.


  1. March 23, 2009

    I see no reason why you wouldn’t keep them both. Only children are very lonely, even only Miracle children who are constantly in the media for their amazing feats of strength and intelligence. They will need a sibling – especially an ordinary sibling — to keep them grounded.

  2. leah
    March 23, 2009

    i’m with xup, you should keep them both.

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