I’m not sure if many of you are following the big Catholic news stories these days. Maybe it surprises you that I am, with a website named uncouth heathen, and all that, but these are my people. This is from whence I came, so I like to see what’s what and I’m here to say that what’s currently what is a large part of the reason that Catholicism does not appeal to me. If I were to suddenly believe in the Baby Jesus once again, I would not head back to the church, I’d find another, more tolerable, less assholish group of people to pray away my gay.

So here’s the worst of it: In Brazil, a 9 year old girl was raped by her step-father and became pregnant with twins. Her mother was told that it would be dangerous for this little 80 pound girl to carry those babies and so she had an abortion. The Roman Catholic church then excommunicated the mother and the doctors. Oh, but not that disgusting shitbag of a stepfather because what he did wasn’t nearly as bad. After all, we all are well aware of how protective the Catholics are of their sexual predators.

I’m not religious. I know I probably seem, much of the time, like a person who hates the mere idea of God and religion. In fact, I truly believe that religions have their merits for many, many people and I’m intensely interested in all religions.  I would not begrudge anyone in this world their right to believe whatever they want, no matter it’s conflict with beliefs of my own. We can engage in lively debates, we can try to convince one another of our own beliefs if we so choose to engage in that sort of wrangle. I’m fine with all of that. I love that people can find peace and comfort in God and religion, especially in times of great despair. I am actually quite jealous of the ability to believe in something so sublime and beautiful. I just happen to believe it’s not there, not in the same way that the Bible and other holy books portray that notion.

My real problems with religion are situations like this one within the Catholic church – that they can tear away one’s ability to be a part of a faith when it is a time for those people to be supported, to be given more of a reason to believe that God is there and he loves them no matter the circumstances. It frustrates me as a human being, a person who struggles sometimes to see the benefit of religion, to hear the Catholic Church tearing people down rather than building them up. What do a pregnant nine year old girl carrying the twins of her step-father/rapist, her family and community need more than faith that things can be better; that people are willing and able to offer support and compassion.  Yet they are shown the door and told they are not worthy of a religion, of being a member of a congregation, because they made a heart-wrenching decision in a time of crisis that was going to be horrific either way it had been decided. Thank you, Roman Catholic church, for showing what a hypocritical group of dirtbags you can so often be. I’m disgusted, and if I hadn’t already taken my leave from your ranks long ago, I would certainly have been driven to do so now.


I should take this opportunity to mention a blog I found via the Stranger’s blog (SLOG) called What the Fuck Would Jesus Do. It’s  dedicated to opening debate and discussion about the intolerance within Christianity.  It compares the words of the Bible to the hypocrisy of certain people and parts of Christianity.

What I do here is pretty simple: I find news stories about shit Christians pull; then I find a corresponding Bible verse that says that’s not OK; and then I post it here and let the hilarity ensue.


  1. March 13, 2009

    Not a Catholic. Couldn’t be one.
    Not a christian. Can’t be one.
    If there is anyone inside organized Christianity that thinks this excommunication was the right way to promote Christ, family, spirituality or anything besides the male run, misogynistic Catholic church I think they need to go back to the bible they claim informs their religion and read how Christ is supposed to have dealt with sinners.
    I don’t think he ever mentioned excommunication.

  2. E's Mom
    March 13, 2009

    Catholocism WoW! Is my favorite campaign of all time. Dogma is probably as close as I’ll ever get, because like you I just can’t get past all the hypocracy of many an organized religon.

  3. March 16, 2009

    I had to laugh at the juxtaposition of the little dog and the smarmy Jesus.

    It’s an appalling story. In fact the whole Catholic approach to abortion is appalling to me. But it’s not just a Catholic problem. Around here, the fundamentalisys are anti-choice nd teen preganancy rates are soaring.

    Oh, and by the way – I have a WTFWJD t-shirt:

  4. March 16, 2009

    i haven’t heard this story, but it makes me want to slap the pope really, really hard.

    i’ve never understood how churches got so involved in personal lives and basically controlled entire families and generations. i am grateful i don’t have to live that way.

    in other news, a recent episode of “big love” the middle wife was trying to explain why she was taking birth control, she told them she couldn’t help it b/c she was addicted to it. that was really funny.

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