Deep Freeze

We’re expecting another snowstorm in the next few hours.  Earlier this morning we walked to the store to get a few things in preparation for being stuck up in here in the event the power goes out.  There’s no real way to beat the cold when that happens, but we can eat our way through the chilly evenings now.  I was going to buy beer and wine so we could drink our way through, but it would have been difficult to carry up the steep and icy hills.

I only fell once, on my way down a hill, bracing my fall by landing on top of a felled branch.  I gripped a twig of that branch so hard, it tore off part of my middle finger, but don’t worry, I’m fine.  I just left a little trail of blood to the grocery store where I bought some cheap, shitty band aids that are totally worthless.

Also, we saw a dead bird that looked like it just plain froze and fell out of a tree.  We (Janie) picked it up and put it somewhere other than the middle of the sidewalk.  It didn’t seem appropriate to leave him there.  He’s enjoying his eternal rest in a bush in front of someone’s yard.

If you don’t hear form me for several days, it’s because the power’s out and Janie and I are waiting for one another to die so we can cut the dead one open and slip inside, like the tonton in Star Wars.

To entertain you, here’s something cute falling asleep:


  1. E's Mom
    December 20, 2008

    Poor birdy! We had a seagull come in the other day who’s beak was frozen shut. He had been frozen to the sidewalk, but the citizen who found him thawed him out to free him. We got the beak in warm water and he’s fine now.

    E and I bussed downtown, got no further than eating lunch when the snow started. Luck would have it that a bus came at that exact moment. We hiked to Safeway for Pot Pies, and Nog and then played in the snow. We are now snuggled up at the computer and TV waiting for The Big Snow to hit.

  2. December 22, 2008

    where on earth did you find my baby video? that’s just crazy.

    i am glad your finger is ok 🙂

    there was a time back in my “hey-day” of drinking that my sister and i tried to get into her car while it was on a hill (to drive away in b/c that’s what you do when you drink right?.) we both fell like twelvity thousand times, and laughed, and laughed about it like it was the greatest thing in the world.

    the following morning, there was no laughing due to the pain of repeatedly falling.

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