I love the smell of democracy in the morning!

I voted on my way in to work this morning. I had intended to wake up early to get there just as the doors opened, expecting long lines, but true to myself, I slept until the last possible minute. My polling place is in a small church a few blocks from home (so much for separation of church and state). I had not voted there before; instead I’d been going to my old precinct and wondering why they kept giving me provisional ballots when I should have been on the rolls! Well, that only happened once, when we had moved and I’d not yet gotten my new voter registration card and didn’t know where else to go. None of that matters now because I was on the list and I signed my name and got to rocking the vote. My wait was only about a minute, which was good because I was already 15 minutes late for work.

I’d pretty much memorized how I’d vote, but there were a few issues I wasn’t sure about,. I thought that once I had a chance to read the language on the ballot, I’d remember what my cheat sheet – sitting at home on my desk – had suggested I do. As I sailed through the major candidates and made my way to the judges, initiatives and propositions, I grabbed a voter’s pamphlet and started to read up on the ones I’d forgotten. The elderly volunteers at the polling place were having such loud conversations that I couldn’t concentrate on what I was reading. Instead of learning about the King County Charter Amendment 7, I was hearing about how one volunteer taped plastic knives to all the pens so no one would steal them. In my frustration, I turned and pointed my plastic knife coated Bic at him and told him to shut it or I’d shank him. “TODAY IS GOD’S DAY!” I yelled and then I voted for some judges that I hadn’t intended on voting for, just so I could get my “I voted” sticker and get out of there. Voting sure can be stressful.

I didn’t think I’d keep this sticker on all day, but I can’t find it in my heart to peel it off. I’ve waited out almost 8 years of the shittiest administration I’ve been alive to bear witness to, and this sticker is a physical representation of freedom from the frustration, the anger and the outright disgust I’ve been holding inside me. Also, it entitles me to a free donut, cupcake and sex toy and doesn’t that make today the best day ever?

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  1. November 4, 2008

    Damn, if I’d known an “I voted” sticker could have earned me a free sex toy I would have held off on signing up to vote by absentee ballot. I miss all the good stuff!

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