Janie and I have taken on a large project with a tight deadline. We’re painting our bedroom, which also has a dressing area and two closets that need painting. In addition, we’re replacing a sink and vanity. That sounds easy enough, but again, those fuckers from whom we bough this condo were incredibly bad at what they were doing.  When we removed the vanity, it had revealed a hack job on the wall and wobbly plumbing, which means we’ll need to do a sizable patch job and some other stuff to make sure those pipes don’t move. This all is to be completed by Friday evening so we can prepare for a dinner party on Sunday. To make life more difficult, we’re dog sitting for my sister, which isn’t so bad except that there’s so much back and forth going on between our place and theirs that it feels like nothing is being done at the pace I’d hoped for. I’m a little stressed out. Also, those dogs are cute, I love them, but damn they are insane.

I’m out.


  1. December 1, 2008

    Having done exactly one home improvement project, I stressing there with you.

  2. December 1, 2008

    yeah, i nearly went into a diabetic coma just reading that shit. and, i’m not even a diabetic.

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