Punky Power

My sister and I were singing 80’s television theme song commercials on the way home yesterday, trying to remember which songs fit which show. We couldn’t remember the theme song for Punky Brewster, but I clearly remembered one episode of that show which, I am sure, every child of my generation remembers. You know what I’m talking about.

Cherie got stuck in the refrigerator.

I told my sister that I remembered only that episode and nothing else about the show whatsoever. She didn’t know what I was talking about and didn’t understand why it was so memorable so I had to explain with my serious voice: “Jennifer, she almost DIED.”

I can’t find this clip online, but I can see in my mind’s eye when they finally opened that fridge and that half-dead girl was curled in there. I remember that every time I lock Janie in the refrigerator and that’s why I set the timer.

6 thoughts on “Punky Power

  1. XUP says:

    Apparantly we’re not only of a different generation,but of a different nation as well because I have no idea who Punky Brewster is/was

  2. piglet says:

    i do recall the show but i was upwards of 16/17 of age. i probably even watched it a few times.

    i’m a pippy long-stalking (if you say it fast, it’s funny) kind of gal. she ate nails, and that was not only impressive in my youth, i still consider her a legendary bad ass.

    all i can do is swallow fire.

  3. Bandobras. says:

    It’s important to remember the timer cause forget dying think of the mess if you left her there till she went all soft and mushy like old veggies in the crisper drawer. Yuck but like with over 100 lbs of it.

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