I’ve not had much to say lately, and in honor of that I’m taking the week off from this website to enjoy some special time with myself. November is National Blog Posting Month and I’ll be participating again this year. You’ll be hearing from me quite a bit next month. I will use this week to save up my stories so those daily posts are more than pictures of my cats and stories about how Janie won’t get off me, already.

Here is something to entertain you while I am away: Cat Bowling

Have a happy, happy Halloween! I’ll be spending that evening at my parents house celebrating my father’s birthday and playing a hard-fought game of Mexican Train. I’ll probably eat a lot of candy and cake so I’ll be pretty drunk on sugar, which should make for a good time.


  1. alyssa
    October 27, 2008

    i love the mexican train!

  2. October 29, 2008

    I’m going to do NaBloPoMo, too. Thanks for inspiring!

  3. heathen
    October 29, 2008

    yay! I’m glad you are – i love to read your blog. 🙂

  4. October 29, 2008

    I’ll be reading, and not just in my RSS, because that’s what I’m doing-NaBloPoReMo.

  5. heathen
    October 29, 2008

    i like that. 🙂 but I think you should do a daily puppet video, they crack me up. NaBloViPoMo

  6. Annie J
    October 30, 2008

    I came by to say the blanket you donated for NABLOPOMO is very Pretty and the kitty is top notch..

    Then I read your last two entires and wanted to say you made me smile.

    any way I am adding you to my friends list becasue I want to be able to come back this month and read more posts.

    happy blogging

  7. heathen
    October 30, 2008

    Thanks, Annie! 🙂 Welcome.

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