I’ve been running around town after work for the past week, so I’ve had only limited time for posting here. I apologize. It won’t be much better this weekend because I’m going to get busy on my master bathroom destruction project. Tonight I chip off all the tiny little tiles in the shower which sounds boring but is great fun!

I will share photos and a recipe of this delicious potato-leek soup I made last night because it’s perfect for the cool fall and winter evenings that are coming up.

Janie is now on her way to Oregon with her parents where they will visit her grandmother. What this means is that I have no one to keep me in line or to prevent me from burning off my eyebrows. I also am charged with taking care of her parent’s guinea pigs, Thalia and Daphne. We’ll spend our Sunday afternoon sitting on the couch with some beers and chips, watching football. I hate sleeping by myself, so if you’re in the Seattle area and you’re free…I have 1/2 of a king size bed up for grabs.

I’m totally watching the debate tonight. This election is killing me but I can’t tear my eyes off of it. I’m obsessed, which means I’ve been glued to talk radio and NPR almost nonstop at work and in the car. I’m currently feeling a little sorry for Sarah Palin. I feel sorry that she has been so used, but I’m disappointed that for a woman of apparent intelligence on some level, she doesn’t seem to care or realize it. I’m not sure which one. Either way it’s clear she’s an epic failure and so completely out of her league. Click on that link because you’ll see how even prolific conservatives agree. That’s proof.

Also, I’m going to find myself a new bank. WAMU is in the shitter and I’m no fan of Chase. I also dislike Wells Fargo and Bank of America because I’ve been screwed by Wells Fargo before, many years ago, and Janie has been screwed by Bank of America. I’m thinking that a credit union is the way to go. I don’t have much, but I gots to protect what’s mines.

In conclusion, I have nothing of real value to impart on this Friday afternoon. I’m excited to get home so I can smash some shower tiles and eat some soup. Happy weekend!

*UPDATE*  Those tiles are tough little fuckers.  I’m a little behind in chipping them off.  I need to run to Fred Meyer to get more chipping tools and I will go at it again tomorrow morning.


  1. Joel
    September 26, 2008

    Credit Unions are the way to go. I’m very happy with BECU.

  2. September 26, 2008

    Ditto on the Credit Union. We’re happy with ours.

    And I also hate sleeping by myself. Those 6 weeks in Seattle were brutal. It’s funny because if he’s in the house but falls asleep downstairs, that’s okay. But if he’s out of the house, I’m restless. And cold hotel sheets are the worst.

  3. E's Mom
    September 26, 2008

    I’m sending Emilio over to share the bed with you. He, like Jessica Simpson, farts under the sheets. His, unlike Jessica Simpson’s (roses of course), smell like ass on a hot day.

  4. September 26, 2008

    be sure to show those tiles who’s the boss, but be careful they are tough fuckers.

    i use two different banks plus a credit union. i love me some credit union stuff, power to the people.

    i love a god homemade soup on cold nights, very awesome. i love potato soup, corn chowder is my 2nd fav.

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