60 Miles


My friends Dana and Carrie completed the Seattle Breast Cancer 3 Day this weekend. It’s a sixty mile walk to raise funds for breast cancer research. Each walker had to raise at least $2200 in order to participate. In all, over 3200 walkers made their goals and then some, and spent three days traipsing around Seattle and the Eastside.

I did this walk last year with Dana – this marked her third overall – and let me tell you, there are few more emotional experiences and little else that will make your feet ache as much as they do when you finally get home from this event. I admire each and every person who has done this, even more if you’re done it multiple times. It’s a total bitch, but an amazing experience at the same time. It involves months of training walks, blisters, rickety knees and begging everyone you have ever met for money. It involves working hard to help save lives.


Congratulations, Dana and Carrie, on a job well done.


  1. E's Mom
    September 16, 2008

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know that were it not for you doing it last year I would never have done it this year. It was a complete experience of a lifetime…that I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do next year too!

    The last two days in the real world I kept waiting for someone to cheer me on as I walked to the car or grocery store. Why can’t life be more like the 3-Day?!

  2. September 16, 2008

    saving lives is the best thing ever! 60 miles is completely out of my league.

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