Not Ebola

You know, I’m very tired today. I’ve been sleeping well this week, except for that one night when the seagulls had some sort of screaming seagull convention outside our window at 5am, but even with all that delicious sleep I’ve found it difficult to make it through the day. I have come to the conclusion that it has to be one of the following things:

It’s possible that the “virus” or sickness of sorts that I had last week is loosening its grip and my body is slowly recovering, which takes a lot of energy.

I’ve been drinking caffeinated iced caramel lattes for a reason I can’t explain other than that suddenly, a couple weeks back, I walked into a coffee shop while Janie went to get us some pho from that new place down the road, and ordered one and then did that every other day through yesterday afternoon. All that caffeine has to be a bad idea.

The mosquito that bit my arm on the 4th of July gave me West Nile and I am the first case of it in Washington, though unreported because what are the symptoms of West Nile, exactly? I don’t know.

All that drinkin’.

The stress and strain of watching that overtanned fucktard barista/”fashion designer” from Seattle on Project Runway as he tried to spin “girlicious” into some sort of hip new lingo when, in reality, he just managed to make Seattle look like the kind of place that supports that type of bullshit. I hope he gets so wrapped up in his pseudo-fame that he moves and infects some other city with his wretched hats, leather skin and ugly designs.

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  1. July 25, 2008

    I think it’s fallout from that insidious Oprah diet. She wants you all home splayed lethargically on the sofa so you’ll have no other choice but to watch her all afternoon and become indoctrinated with her doctrines and then when she has enough of you in her thrall she can take over the whole wide world. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

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