Revised Code of Lady Gay 13.3

If Linsey tells Janie not to put wet things on the wood furniture because it might damage it, Janie shouldn’t take it personally, like Linsey is really trying to say “Stop ruining everything we have with your wet towels and your cat that pees all over the place” because, really, Linsey was just sayin’.

Linsey wasn’t looking to debate the circumstances in which the towel was originally taken from the shelf in the closet or who used it to wipe their face after five hours of yard work on Saturday afternoon or how it couldn’t possibly be Janie’s towel because her wet towel is hanging up in the bathroom where it belongs. It was only a reminder and, for the record, it wasn’t even wet just then.


  1. May 20, 2008

    And Linsey should not wake Janie from a dead sleep to tell her about said towel. This is not a pleasant way to be woken up; Linsey should try a kiss to the forehead next time. Linsey should also not have so much ‘tude first thing in the morning. Just sayin’.

  2. E's Mom
    May 20, 2008

    I’d like to confess – it was ME who left that sloppy wet towel there. Yes RIGHT THERE. It was ME! So next time I think that the Linsey should not wake up the Janie, and that the Janie should not take things so personal from the Linsey because she has the cramps. In all liklihood, it was the Straight that did it and you should always just blame your domestic problems on her. WORD.

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