One of Those

I’m having one of those days.

One of those days where you just feel like saying “fuck it” to everything because you’re tired of feeling like the only one making an effort.

One of those days where you realize you’re feeling sorry for yourself, but you don’t care because so does everyone else and why can’t it be your turn?

One of those days when you hate yourself for being such a baby about all that.

One of those days where you feel that abandoning everything and everyone would solve all your problems, even though you know deep down that it would make your life infinitely worse. But that momentary feeling of freedom can be so tempting.

One of those days where you’re just tired of caring about other people who don’t care about you. Especially those who pretend to care but you know don’t, really.

One of those days where you really, probably just need a good cry on account of all the feelings.

Cheer Up.