Do Not Leave Your Wife Unattended, Pt. 2

Janie is away for the week and I’m left home alone to look after the cats and reassure them that the noise we heard at 130am? It’s just the neighbors, not some stranger trying to break in and murder us all. The only real problem is that Janie didn’t arrange for someone to look after me.

Last night I decided to use our new barbecue to roast some poblano peppers for a little chili relleno-type dinner. I turned the grill up high and spent several minutes blackening the green waxy skin. After roasting, I prepared my tasty little dinner and then headed to the gym to meet up with my sister.

I arrived to find my sister and brother-in-law working away on the elyptical machines. I approached to say hello and my sister asked what was in my hair. I thought it was probably some pieces of hail left over from that bullshit weather that was going on outside. She looked closer and said that the hair in front was curled and frizzy. I went over to the mirror for a close look and realized I’d singed it with the barbecue. I returned to report that I burned my hair off while making dinner on the grill and, as I was talking, she leaned in close again and said my eyebrow looked funny and started to laugh. I walked over to the mirror and realized that, yes, my eyebrow was half burned off and the remaining shortened hairs were all a funny tan color.

Needless to say, I will no longer be grilling without proper supervision.

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  1. September 5, 2009

    i’m glad you didn’t die, but i’d love to see a picture of that whole thing, you walking into the gym with singed hair.

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