Alright y’all, I’m making some changes.

I’m working on upgrading WordPress, but since I have no real clue about what I’m doing and I’m trying to follow the directions very carefully, it’s possible I may mess up and ruin everything. I’ve backed up my posts and all the comments, but I can only hope I did it correctly. If you come back to this website in the next couple of days and there is nothing here, give me some time to make things right before you go leaving, because I’m sorry! I’ll never do it again! It didn’t mean anything! I CAN CHANGE!

If all goes well, mostly you won’t see anything different. If you keep coming back and nothing appears out of the ordinary, just know that I am a genius and I’ve figured it out entirely not on my own.

Also, I’m going to mess around over there (—>) on the sidebar in the next few weeks. I’ve changed some things to drop-down menus to conserve space and I’m trying to think real hard of something fun to do over there now that I’m feeling sassy and deleting and adding php and css pieces from the template all willy-nilly like I know what it means! Please feel free to let me know what you think, unless what you think is that I’m a fat whore because, really, that’s not nice.


  1. April 10, 2008

    I get myself into trouble every time I try to make some fancy changes. I’m going to (someday) attempt that drop down menu thing on my archives because they are about 10 miles long.

  2. heathen
    April 10, 2008

    I’d be happy to show you the script I used…It was pretty painless and I only had to tweak ti the smallest bit. Let me know if you’re interested.

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