Salt Lick Bars

A little over a year ago, Bake and Shake shared her recipe for Salt Lick Bars and I have been eying them ever since. I finally made them last night for my book club and they are quite delicious. The caramel was soft and silky, the best I’ve ever had.

Since the bottom had shortbread, The Celiac couldn’t try them. That was a disappointment because caramel and chocolate are two of her major food groups. While driving my delicious treats to book club I considered making them without the shortbread bottom, but then realized I could just use the gluten-free flour mixes we have lying around the house and see how that goes. I’ll play around with the recipe in the next few weeks and make it suitable for gluten-free flour, because it tends to produce heavy/dense baked goods that you could mug someone with. If I modify the recipe at all, I’ll share.

It took slightly longer than I expected, so make sure you set aside plenty of time this weekend to make these for yourself.

Bake and Shake’s Salt Lick Bars

*update* I tried using gluten -free flour in this recipe, but it came out crumbly, dry ad gritty.  I can’t figure out how to work a recipe using large amounts of gluten-free flour without it turning towards disaster, so my only suggestion is to make it without the bottom layer.  I’d also suggest using something like parchment to cover the bottom of the pan, to prevent the delicious caramel from sticking to the glass pan.

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  1. March 28, 2008

    Oh my. Just bookmarked that recipe. I know what we’re having at the next writers meeting.

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