After work this evening, Janie and I put on our best workout gear and headed over to our gym. We’ve planned to do this very thing since Janie signed up at the end of December when they offered a good deal of $18.00 per month, but then sent us a new offer of $10.00 per month the day after they took her money.

Last January I began a serious workout routine that involved stationary bicycling, weights, an quick spin on the elliptical machine and a 2 mile walk home. That lasted until I was roped by curiosity, guilt and eventually bullying by my friend Dana into completing long and arduous training walks to prepare for the Breast Cancer 3-Day in the spring. I’m excited to get back to my strenuous gym workouts because I felt a real sense of accomplishment coupled with a renewed zest for getting sweaty and not caring what other people thought of that. In true Linsey fashion, I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet to track our workouts and weight loss.

I’m hoping that by next Christmas I’ll be like that hot, muscular, fit Jackie from the Bravo reality show Workout, but with darker hair, less responsibility and a lady who doesn’t bite.

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  1. Janie
    January 15, 2008

    You might be disappointed about that biting part.

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