Memory Lane

I’ve been listening to The Orb and downloading some songs that remind me of high school.

Years ago, when I was a student at Shorewood High School, two friends and I put together a video for National History Day. Our lowly little project on the history of the telephone made it to the state competition in Ellensburg, Washington where we lost to some nerd who wasn’t cool enough to use copyrighted British ambient house music as the soundtrack to his video on Nazi death camps.

I rebounded a year later, using two different friends, for a video project on the slaughter of elephants in Africa. This time we used music from the soundtrack to The Power of One and pictures from National Geographic. This was only slightly more tear-inducing than my freshman-year Honors history oral presentation and visual aids on abortion. There was no soundtrack for that.

I’m not in high school anymore and I don’t have a reason to make videos with badass soundtracks other than because Janie got me a Flip for Christmas and I need to do something with all these cat videos.