I can’t type too much right now because today was baking day 2007 and I’m going to explode into a rainbow of cookies. By the way my heart is pounding from all the sugar, it could happen at any moment. I can see it beating through my shirt.

We made about 407 different recipes and there are still more to finish. We each have at least one “homework” recipe. I have two – Florentines and Molasses cookies. I made sugar cookies last night so that we could frost them today, only no one would help me and I only finished about a third of them. I stopped caring after my 13th cookie so the others are mis-colored and poorly done, but nothing like the horse with the missing leg and bloody stump that Janie made before Celiac Disease took her out of the cookie making game. My sister refused to help me, so I fed her dogs a lot of sugary frosting. She won’t be sleeping any time soon.

I’ll put up some pictures and the full details tomorrow, after I’ve emerged from the diabetic coma I’m slowly slipping into. It’s a shame all those delicious cookies were forced into my mouth, but someone had to taste test everything and, as it turns out, my mouth is perfectly shaped for shoving cookies into.

Janie and I are off to look at Christmas lights with our friend Carrie, if they can manage to roll me into the car.