Gays in the Military

I don’t want to join the military – I never have. I know that there are plenty of other gays who do, though, and I don’t understand why it’s a big deal. People who are against it seem to think that gays enter the military for the dating scene. Seriously?

Our local paper recently had a column on this subject, and I didn’t read it. I wasn’t interested in that. I was, however, interested in the ways homophobic people would try to ram their points across in the discussion forums. Would they start talking about how, if gays are allowed to serve, then they’ll have to be allowed to get married and soon people would be able to marry goats, eventually people would be forced to marry goats, and then we’d all die because no one would want to procreate, they would just want to love their goats…? Or maybe they’d start in on how the military uniform would have to be made pink, because gays love pink!, and suddenly soldiers would be sodomizing one another in the open and the military would become soft because boot camp would be replaced by fashion camp and every soldier would need to learn how to sew an a-line skirt. Gosh, maybe they are right, because just typing that it made so much sense to me.

Let me share some examples from the discussion forum:

From Burton38:

If gays were allowed to serve openly, where does it end? So on your offtime, I guess an 18 yr old straight guy has do deal with his openly gay roomate lounging around in women’s underwear. Hell, let’s throw a couple pre-op trannies in the mix while we are at it. Don’t they also deserve special treatment? Guys will have girls as roomates, no need worrying about boundaries there. A total breakdown in military discipline would ensue. There would always be that militant gay guy that would have to push the issue to extremes instead of shutting up and keeping it to him/herself- which would take us right back to Don’t ask policy don’t tell anyway. Slippery slope, can-o-worms, pandoras box. Don’t even go there to begin with!

I can think of no better response to this one than this one from scorekeeper: “Oh My God! Panic in the streets! cats living with dogs! Where does it stop?”

From Danube Logus:

Maybe we should allow felons to be in the military? Especially the violent ones. After all, the point of war is to kill the enemy. Felons convicted of homicide know how to kill people. It makes more sense than having a military comprised of leather-wearing Folsolm Street Fair paraders and over-weight clip-haired truck-driving lesbians.

Personally, I don’t think pink-scarf-wearing lovers like Adam and Steve will be putting any fear into the hearts of our enemy on the battlefield. Especially if they are HIV positive.

However, I’m sure Al-Qaeda totally supports gays in the American military.

I just think that “Adam and Steve” line is so clever. If this guy is so scared of HIV positive gays in the military, then why wouldn’t the enemy be, too? I’m just sayin’.

From crewcorey:

I will not lie to you and say that any gay man ever came on to me, but on many occasions, I witnessed men masturbating in the showers. I have never claimed to be a “hot guy” or anything even close, but I could never help wondering if these guys were fantasizing about me, or were they really that fond of their right hand. (or left) I tell you I never really got over that unpleasentness. I got to the point where I would set my alarm for 2:00 AM just so I could shower alone. I also hurried and got married so I could live off base.

I’m sure his wife is real excited to know that this is the only reason he was so eager to get hitched.

I think, overall, this one is my favorite:

From Kearney:

If people say homosexuality couldn’t be a problem in the military they’re naive or lying.

1. STDs: STDs have always been a problem for armies. Why add another vector?

2. Jealousy: Fights over lovers are extremely disruptive and can hurt morale.

3. Favoritism: Homosexual officers can and will grant preferential treatment to those who provide them with sexual services in some cases. It’s already a problem with women in the military. Perks could also be offered by higher ranking servicemen as an incentive to engage in sex.

4. Prostitution: Men could act as prostitutes on base, encouraging a black market and undermining discipline.

These are just a few things, leaving out opinions toward homosexuality, which are important as well.

I have no words.


  1. LizzieLou
    December 13, 2007

    Didn’t anyone “discuss” that gays might more enthusiastically defend a shag-mate than a plain old army-buddy? And really… aren’t STDs, Jealousy, Favoritism and Prostitution already problems in everyone’s work place?

  2. December 16, 2007

    On “60 Minutes” tonight there’s going to be a segment with 3 gay enlisted men, whose sexuality has been acknowledged and deemed not a problem by their superiors; I’m curious to see what they are going to say.

  3. heathen
    December 16, 2007

    ooh, that seems quite interesting.

  4. August 17, 2008

    my god, i got the “wrong anti-spam word” again.

    these excerpts you posted here are so stupid, part of me wishes they were made up.

    i know better, and it makes me sad. why are std’s blamed on homosexual people? seriously? what about all these closeted men that are bringing the std’s home to their unknowing wives? pffh.

  5. heathen
    August 17, 2008

    I think my anti-spam program is flawed, but it’s for the best. I get a ridiculous amount of spam without it and I haven’t yet found something else. Sorry that it’s being a pain in the ass!

    reading and hearing comments like these always make me a little afraid for humanity. I can’t believe people think like this and feel comfortable posting about it for alol to see. It is mind boggling. Truly.

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