Crazy Love

I don’t remember how the documentary Crazy Love made it’s way into my Netflix Queue, but somehow it caught my eye and before long it was sitting in my mail box for several days before I stopped being too lazy to walk up two flights of stairs to retrieve it.

When I got home from work last week, I slipped it into the computer, thinking I’d listen to the narration as I worked on a project. About three minutes in, I had given up on work and was kicked back with a mocktail and a cat in my lap. It was riveting. It was fucking INSANE.

I don’t want to give the story away, because it’s one of those tales that needs to be seen as it is being told by the people involved. So put this movie to the number one spot in your queue or run out to Hollywood Video to pick it up. Watch it and then, I dare you not to say this is the most craziest shit ever, Gwen Stefani.