Things I learned last night at pub trivia

Trivia Quiz 8pm

  • Lexington is about 14 miles from Boston, not 120.
  • It takes Janie 56 minutes to ride the bus from work to the bar
  • It takes me about 7 minutes to drive from our house to the bar
  • The grilled cheese sandwiches are, in deed, still delicious
  • There is a second floor in the bar with video games, including Gallaga
  • The genetic alphabet consists of the letters a, g, t and c.
  • Alan Arkin played a supporting role in a movie that’s title consists of only these four letters. It was called Gattaca.


  • This is Jeremy the Nowhere Man in the Sea of Holes from the movie Yellow Submarine


  • This is an illustration of Schroedinger’s cat. “Schrödinger states that if a scenario existed where a cat’s state of life or death could be made dependent on the state of a subatomic particle, and also isolated from any possible observation, the state of the cat itself would be a quantum superposition — according to the Copenhagen interpretation, at least.”
  • My teammates and I are too retarded to participate in trivia.