The Office


I’m looking online for a small table to put near my desk. On this small table I will put a lamp. We actually have a small table exactly like the one I want, but it’s in the hallway, just outside our front door. We’re using it to hold some seasonal flowers and, on the lower shelf, a Buddha tea light holder and an incense burner to hide the stink of our neighbors with the fresh scent of mandarin orange. Also, the table is brown and I’d prefer something more neutral, like white or that bleached out wood grain color that Ikea uses for everything.


We recently painted our office three different shades of green which, when I tell people this, sounds horrifying. It looks good, though – especially with the white accents. We’ve recently rearranged some furniture and have begun hanging some wall art, including photographs I’ve taken over the last year and a signed print by Luke Cheuh that Janie would probably save over me if forced to choose in the event of a fire.


I painted the closet white and installed some shelving. We also keep the cat litter boxes in there because, honestly, there was nowhere else for them to go where they would be somewhat less intrusive. It also allows those bad cats of ours to tear down the hallway and into the living room at the speed of light, which is kind of funny.

We have two clumsy looking file cabinets that, one day, I hope to replace with something more attractive. We also have two rickety Ikea book shelves that are a perfect example of that bleached wood color Ikea uses for everything. I think, if I felt like it, I could lean on the side of one shelf and the entire thing would fold right over. Our workstation is two large but cheap Ikea desks pushed together to give us plenty of workspace. By work space, of course, I mean room for the cats to lay down.


Those asshole motherfuckers who sold this place to us ruined the radiant heat in the ceiling (yes, in the ceiling…don’t get me started) and we’ve yet to replace it. This will be our second winter with no heat in the office and I’m thinking maybe by the third we’ll have more than just a tiny space heater to keep our fingers from freezing and breaking off. Until then, I just like to believe that the cold in here will help the computer run faster.


We have a rats nest of cables to connect all our shit to the computer we use, a Dell Dimension that we love. And though it was rather cheap, it has lots of space and, best of all, it works properly all the time. Unlike our laptops (plural) which will not stay powered up because the power jacks have each failed and we’ve yet to have them repaired because Seattle seems to lack non-sheisty computer repair people. The peripherals we use are a set of Logitec speakers that came in handy while we watched six seasons worth of Xena: Warrior Princess episodes via Netflix “Watch Instantly” (don’t judge), an Ativa external DVD RW, a Brother all-in-one which we rarely use, a Maxtor external hard drive, and a Netgear Wireless Router. All this is crammed into one corner to allow our cats maximum desk space to relax and drool.

We have an antique desk which is quite small. We didn’t know where else to put it, so we left it in the office thinking it was, you know, office-y. I bought Janie an old Remington typewriter at an estate sale a few summers ago and we decided to put it on there with some old books. Sometimes we type dirty notes to one another.


The floors are a finished cement-ish look that, as time passes, just looks like a dirty garage floor. We have plans to update it with bamboo flooring at some point in the future which will likely be never because we’re lazy and broke.

I have a pink rabbit that Janie’s co-worker knitted for me which Carson steals and licks.


My aloe plant is the only greenery we are allowed to have in the entire house because it’s harder for Ducati to eat. Thus far he’s only managed to nibble on the tips of each leaf (do succulents have leaves?) causing little damage. This development is very exciting because Ducati is eight years old which means that for eight years I’ve not been allowed to own a plant.


So, when you’re reading this site, know that this is where all the magic happens. And by magic, I mean where the cats sit on the keyboard and pfltttteeeeeerfsd.


  1. November 6, 2007

    I LOVE THIS ROOM. That green is so soothing to me. I wish I had any true decorating sense/style. I’m pretty Pottery Barn (lame) in this regard.

    The bunny is adorable. What a great gift!

  2. November 6, 2007

    I love Luke Chueh! He’s a great addition to the room — that paint job is fantastic, and the antique desk looks perfect in there.

  3. November 6, 2007

    I love posts like this – I’m always fascinated by other people’s workspaces and I’m envious of how organized and neat yours is. I’m also envious that you can have cats on your desk; my cats have an apparently irresistible urge to vomit hairballs when they’re in the vicinity of my computer.

    Wonderful blog! This is one I’ll definitely keep reading even when NaBloPoMo is done.

  4. heathen
    November 6, 2007

    thank you! that line in the middle took about five hours, because we had to do it twice. because we measured wrong. also, just before i took the pictures, i made Janie help me clean up. we’re not that organized. 🙂

  5. LizzieLou
    November 7, 2007

    I very much enjoyed the tour of your office as well – and that is a superbly mod paint job. I love a bold use of color – it’s Faaahbulous!

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