Lady Gay

A while back I started a blog on Blogger (a Blogger blog?) called “Lady Gay.” The term lady gay is what I have often used to refer to my partner, Janie. It just suits her. My “Lady Gay” blog wasn’t really about Janie – it was a sort of blog about lesbian relationships or, in reality, our relationship. And by our relationship, I mean the parts of it that make staying together seem only slightly more appealing than letting a rat nibble at my eyeballs.I formulated each post as a statute, much like those in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) – the laws that run this fine state of ours. I called it “The Revised Code of Lady Gay,” and these laws run our household, despite what Janie might say to discredit me. Here is an example:


If Lady Gay X is diagnosed with Celiac Disease and is rendered unable to consume gluten in any form and Lady Gay Y is not, then Lady Gay Y can eat a sandwich if she wants to.

Also note, same applies for pizza, hamburgers and delicious baked goods to include, but not be limited to, cupcakes, cookies and an occasional Idaho Spud.

Lady Gay Y promises not to get crumbs in your hummus.

I had a lot of fun with this and so I’ve decided to revive it here. I had some trepidation because I don’t think of myself as a lesbian blogger writing about lesbian things and I didn’t want to pigeon hole myself. In the end, though, I realize that being a lady and being gay are two things that have a serious impact on how I see the world and interpret it here, for all the Internets to see. So you may see it from time to time, usually after Janie and I argue about who should go to the store to get me a sandwich or why can’t she get off of me, already.



  1. November 7, 2007

    Hmm… Think you’re funny, do you?

  2. LizzieLou
    November 8, 2007

    Ladies Gay ARE funny! I think the House of NO (that’s us) could have some statutes too. Like… Lady NO 1. shouldn’t feel like it is dumb to post on Lady NO 2.’s blog because she already responded in person. Hee.

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