We hosted what I believe to have been a successful Thanksgiving dinner last night. We had good food, good company and good conversation. The last guests departed shortly after midnight and Janie and I fell into bed and crashed pretty hard. I spent all of today in my pajamas, watching an America’s Next Top Model Marathon and eating left overs. Later I watched half of season 4 of the L Word and waited for Janie to come home from work.

I made her up a plate of leftovers and tried to talk her into taking her shirt off, but she was too tired from all the working and I was brutally rebuffed.

Now she is back in bed, falling asleep as I type this and she will have to get up early again tomorrow to work another day. I miss her already. It’s always loneliest after a holiday, because more often than not Janie has to work. Those fucking library officials have no heart – they don’t seem to care that they work her so hard that she can’t muster the energy to show me her lady berries. For shame.