Public Service Announcement: Las Vegas Edition

My sister and brother in law just returned from a trip to Las Vegas. I know this because I had to pick them up from the airport in the wee hours of the AM. I shouldn’t complain too much because I volunteered for it. As punishment I drank all their Vanilla Coke Zero and ate their snacks. TAKE THAT!

This morning when I was viewing the news online I came across an article about some jackass who shot up the New York, New York Casino. It made me ponder the effect of a member of my family on the Las Vegas tourist market for several reasons:

In February of 2006, we were down in Vegas for our Las Vegas Gay Wedding Extravaganza. On the evening we departed for home, some jackass drove up onto the sidewalk and ran some people over.

Prior to that, when my sister and her husband were in Vegas for a vacation, there was a drive by shooting on the strip and some tourists were killed.

Several years ago, my parents were in Vegas and there was a sudden rainstorm and it flooded the streets. A woman running across the street barefoot stepped on a drain cover and was struck by lightning and killed.

Needless to say, it appears that Las Vegas is an unlucky place for people when we’re in town. Just thought I’d warn you.