100 Things – 2013

  1. Read 50 books
    • Hunger Games
    • Catching Fire
    • The Leftovers
    • The Lion, The Lamb, The Hunted
    • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
    • Clan of the Cave Bear
    • Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex
  2. Trim rhododendron back
  3. Fix running toilet in guest bathroom
  4. Paint craft/guest room
  5. Bring lunch to work
  6. Eat breakfast
  7. Keep hydrated
  8. Take another meditation class
  9. Buy a white bed skirt
  10. Take water aerobics
  11. Visit Japanese Garden in Arboretum
  12. Visit Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks Park
  13. Visit  Bloedel Reserve
  14. Visit Chinese Garden in Portland
  15. Weekend trip to Vancouver BC
  16. Go to two concerts or other performing arts events
    • Swan Lake – PNB
  17. Take the bus to work
  18. Put together an emergency kit
  19. Write or research for at least 30 minutes each day
  20. Read for at least 30 minutes each day
  21. Finish all holiday shopping before December 15th
  22. Develop a skin care routine
  23. Do more puzzles
  24. Camping
  25. Use the crock pot
  26. Make rice gelato
  27. Go to a Seahawks game
  28. Visit Leah
  29. Have Leah visit
  30. Get Valerie moved to WA
  31. Enter photography contest
  32. Catch a fish
  33. Take a hike
  34. Get an indoor plant and keep it alive
  35. Build something
  36. Fast food only once per month
  37. Knit a scarf
  38. Set up IRA again – contribute monthly
  39. See five movies in the theater
    • Top Gun IMAX 3D
  40. Send out Holiday newsletter
  41. Go see the Nutcracker at PNB
  42. Meditate daily for at least 30 minutes
  43. Moisturize daily
  44. Complete at least one scrapbook
  45. Take a yoga class
  46. Go to chiropractor
  47. Try 50 new recipes
  48. Run a 5K
  49. Update UH at least weekly
  50. Redesign UH
  51. Try five new restaurants or coffee shops
  52. Chats with Leah at least every other week.
  53. Update Flickr and Instagram at least weekly
  54. Secret family recipe cookbook for Teppner family Christmas gifts
  55. Make a birdhouse
  56. Make a vision board
  57. Make 30 things found on Pinterest
  58. Shave Du’s underside
  59. Paint bedroom
  60. paint master bath
  61. paint guest bath
  62. update hallway photos and art
  63. re-hang towel rack in master bath
  64. patch old TP holder hole in master bath
  65. hang new tp holder in master bath
  66. hang storage baskets in master bath
  67. buy matching dresser for valerie’s clothes
  68. replace shelves in linen closet
  69. paint linen closet
  70. build or purchase storage bed frame for back room
  71. new bedroom art
  72. get good cable
  73. build two Adirondack chairs
  74. Get rid of old barbecue
  75. dig up fern
  76. plant row of hydrangeas
  77. trim back holly bush
  78. new living room curtains
  79. have a yard sale
  80. try drying my own herbs from the garden
  81. make something with reused pallet wood
  82. pare down wedding guest list
  83. photograph, edit and send save the dates
  84. make drying rack
  85. make fridge mats
  86. add cork to spice cupboard
  87. spray paint the old phone (red?) for desk